Help! I’m Not Sticking to My Weight-loss Goals

So you’re relatively deep in your weight-loss journey and you’ve committed to shedding those excess kilograms. You’ve purchased the matching workout gear from Gymshark, your goals are clearly recorded in your fancy journal, and your meal plan and workout guide is well-researched, simple to follow, yet challenging enough to facilitate your desired body recomposition. Theoretically,Continue reading “Help! I’m Not Sticking to My Weight-loss Goals”

Are We Focussing Too Much on Calories?

It goes without saying that in the health and fitness industry, the most common discussion points centre around the best ways to lose weight. As a female, it seems as though we all possess this perpetual and unwavering desire to shed those stubborn kilograms of fat, and we are equipped with the belief that ifContinue reading “Are We Focussing Too Much on Calories?”