The Benefits of Strength Training

Gone are the days where the only people you see lifting weights at the gym are those impossibly muscly men who seem to inhale protein powder like it’s oxygen. You know the stereotype, the men with gigantic biceps popping out of tiny singlet straps, who are often heard groaning passionately in front of the mirrorContinue reading “The Benefits of Strength Training”

The practice of intuitive eating and why it might just change your relationship with food

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this article then the chances are you have been on a diet. It’s only human to want to improve ourselves in any way possible, and one of the more common changes we want most is weight loss. If you’ve been on any type of diet, whether that be keto,Continue reading “The practice of intuitive eating and why it might just change your relationship with food”

The Pro’s and Cons of Fitness Challenges

It’s still relatively early in the new year and that means one thing: everyone is trying to improve themselves. The silly season of debauchery, over-consumption of alcohol, neglect for nutritious foods, and an inclination for terrible health decisions is drawing to an end. Resolutions are in full swing and we’re all trying to make someContinue reading “The Pro’s and Cons of Fitness Challenges”

How I made the most of 2020

There has probably already been an inundation of articles written about the earth-shattering and bewildering year that was 2020, and to add anything novel or noteworthy to the discourse would be a monumental task. Whilst it was undoubtedly a tumultuous year filled with more headlines than we could absorb and truly terrible stories of griefContinue reading “How I made the most of 2020”