Five Key Lessons I learnt in 2021

Like many people around the world, I am still in a state of bewilderment that it’s actually 2022. It seems only three weeks ago it was 2019 and we were moseying on through our days, blissfully unaware of the impending arrival of a pandemic that would upend our lives. It is certainly reasonable to dismissContinue reading “Five Key Lessons I learnt in 2021”

Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Strong Opinions on Social Media

These days, it can often feel as though every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion on just about any topic on the internet. Due to the various social media outlets readily available and utilised, we can easily share our thoughts online often without the direct ramifications or criticism that might arise if someone wereContinue reading “Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Strong Opinions on Social Media”

Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Unless you’re a sixteen year old boy who seems to naturally burn off more kilojoules in a day than a marathon runner, it’s likely you have had the goal of weight-loss at some point in your life. I’ve lost track of the times I have started a 12 week challenge to lose weight, or commencedContinue reading “Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight”

What are the Benefits of Eating Protein and are there any Downsides?

If you’re anything like me and your instagram feed is filled with fitness accounts displaying workouts, healthy pizzas and wankers clenching their abs so hard that their eye balls might pop out of their skull (I, too, am guilty of a few lost eye balls), then you’re probably well-aware about the hype around protein. TheContinue reading “What are the Benefits of Eating Protein and are there any Downsides?”

How to Make the Most Out of Home Workouts

Just as we had grown accustomed to training at the gym again, and the debilitating coronavirus restrictions were all but a distant memory for some, the inevitable has occurred: we have been plunged into another lockdown. It’s hardly surprising given the volatility of the pandemic, and for those even lucky enough to access the gymContinue reading “How to Make the Most Out of Home Workouts”

Why It’s Never Too Late to Become The Person You Want to Be – And How to Do It

“I’m not a science person, I was only ever good at English in high school”. “I’m a terrible driver and have no sense of direction.” “I have no idea what i’m doing in the kitchen”. These are all examples of common sentiments people repeat about themselves,  and were statements I believed to be true aboutContinue reading “Why It’s Never Too Late to Become The Person You Want to Be – And How to Do It”

Why I’m Not Drinking Alcohol at the Moment

It’s been almost four months since i’ve consumed any alcohol. This is a surprising statement from someone who used to partake in wild drinking games every party, who was often seen dancing on tables to ridiculous trap music whilst my friends would look at me in horror. Upon reflection, the years of my early twentiesContinue reading “Why I’m Not Drinking Alcohol at the Moment”

Five Tips For Changing Your Behaviour For Good

Unless you’re one of those viscously dedicated people who never deviate from your goals (on behalf of the entire human race: too good mate), chances are you’ve set out to change a behaviour and have been unsuccessful in doing so. Whether it’s to increase your levels of physical activity, eat less MnM’s on a nightlyContinue reading “Five Tips For Changing Your Behaviour For Good”

Four Reasons Why Walking is the Most Underrated Exercise

I’ll admit it. I used to think walking as a form of exercise was about as exciting as painting a brick wall repetitively for six hours. I used to weigh it up with other forms of sweat-inducing exercises like sprints or a HIIT workout, where I would finish the session feeling exhausted yet accomplished. Walking,Continue reading “Four Reasons Why Walking is the Most Underrated Exercise”

Combining Alcohol and Weight-loss: Is it Possible?

Most of us all have a desire to lose weight at some point in our lives. We might spend hours slugging it out on the treadmill, avoiding high-calorie meals, and drinking smoothies the colour of Shrek to help us shed the kilos throughout the week. It is also very common for people to eat andContinue reading “Combining Alcohol and Weight-loss: Is it Possible?”