How to be Happier

As someone who has dealt with various fluctuations in my mental health throughout my life, I am perpetually interested in the subject matter of happiness. More specifically, I am interested in learning about the factors that influence our happiness, and conversely, the facets of our lives which lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety andContinue reading “How to be Happier”

The Importance of Defining “Success” on Your Own Terms

“Success” is an ambiguous and elusive term. When we are younger and we are asked what our goals and dreams are for the future, a common response to proffer is the vague “to be successful” reply. It is as though we provide this response automatically, with the assumption that there is one objective and singleContinue reading “The Importance of Defining “Success” on Your Own Terms”

Common Misconceptions About People With Social Anxiety

It’s taken me twenty-six years and countless nausea-inducing occasions with friends to make me realise that I have social anxiety. The nerves associated with any social-interaction has been so attached to my identity and experience interacting with other people that I never even considered that it was abnormal. For as long as I could rememberContinue reading “Common Misconceptions About People With Social Anxiety”

Factors That Influence our Happiness

When you were younger and you were asked about your dreams and goals for adulthood, it’s likely you envisioned a mansion with a glistening pool, an outrageously attractive spouse, and a shiny black BMW. You probably had dreams about being a famous actress or singer with adoring fans on every continent, despite having as muchContinue reading “Factors That Influence our Happiness”

The Four Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Early Twenties

It goes without saying that mistakes are an inevitable part of life. It’s very likely that you will be a bumbling and flawed mess through much of your late teens and early twenties, unless of course you are Hamish and Zoe-Foster Blake, in which case you are oozing with perfection and universal likability. If you’reContinue reading “The Four Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your Early Twenties”

Why It’s Never Too Late to Become The Person You Want to Be – And How to Do It

“I’m not a science person, I was only ever good at English in high school”. “I’m a terrible driver and have no sense of direction.” “I have no idea what i’m doing in the kitchen”. These are all examples of common sentiments people repeat about themselves,  and were statements I believed to be true aboutContinue reading “Why It’s Never Too Late to Become The Person You Want to Be – And How to Do It”

How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

It’s never a good idea to be completely apathetic about other people’s opinions of you. If that were the case, you probably wouldn’t bother helping anyone out, and you might spend your days hedonically consuming recreational drugs, wearing hideous clothing and eating buckets of fried chicken for breakfast. Caring about what other people think ofContinue reading “How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think”