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How to be Happier

As someone who has dealt with various fluctuations in my mental health throughout my life, I am perpetually interested in the subject matter of happiness. More specifically, I am interested in learning about the factors that influence our happiness, and conversely, the facets of our lives which lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety andContinue reading “How to be Happier”

Help! I’m Not Sticking to My Weight-loss Goals

So you’re relatively deep in your weight-loss journey and you’ve committed to shedding those excess kilograms. You’ve purchased the matching workout gear from Gymshark, your goals are clearly recorded in your fancy journal, and your meal plan and workout guide is well-researched, simple to follow, yet challenging enough to facilitate your desired body recomposition. Theoretically,Continue reading “Help! I’m Not Sticking to My Weight-loss Goals”


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Hi, I’m Tarzi. A qualified lawyer with the goal of becoming a freelancer. When i’m not running at the beach or squatting at the gym, you’ll find me reading a book or writing about health and fitness – the ultimate passions of mine. Enjoy 🙂

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