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Cognitive Distortions: What Are They and How Can You Change Them

If you’re a walking, living, breathing human being, then it is an unfortunate inevitability that you will incur thoughts that are inaccurate, useless or downright harmful. These thoughts are based on your interpretations of external events, and directly impact how you feel and your subsequent actions. Our incorrect interpretations of circumstances can be referred to […]

Why Losing Weight Isn’t Simply About Calories

If you follow any form of fitness guru, health influencer or online coach on Instagram or Tik Tok, your feeds are probably flooded with cliche quotes, jaw-dropping chiselled abdominal muscles and mouthwatering images of Nutella drizzled on colourful granola bowls. You would most likely also be familiar with the phrase “calorie-deficit” which is plastered all […]

What Is ‘Flow-State’ and Why Does it Matter?

When was the last time you recall being so immersed in a task that you don’t notice external factors or time passing you by? All of a sudden you peer at your watch and two hours have whizzed by and you feel a smug sense of satisfaction about the amount of work you have achieved. […]

How to be Happier

As someone who has dealt with various fluctuations in my mental health throughout my life, I am perpetually interested in the subject matter of happiness. More specifically, I am interested in learning about the factors that influence our happiness, and conversely, the facets of our lives which lead to increased feelings of stress, anxiety and […]


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