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Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Strong Opinions on Social Media

These days, it can often feel as though every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion on just about any topic on the internet. Due to the various social media outlets readily available and utilised, we can easily share our thoughts online often without the direct ramifications or criticism that might arise if someone wereContinue reading “Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Have Strong Opinions on Social Media”

Common Misconceptions About People With Social Anxiety

It’s taken me twenty-six years and countless nausea-inducing occasions with friends to make me realise that I have social anxiety. The nerves associated with any social-interaction has been so attached to my identity and experience interacting with other people that I never even considered that it was abnormal. For as long as I could rememberContinue reading “Common Misconceptions About People With Social Anxiety”


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Hi, I’m Tarzi. A qualified lawyer with the goal of becoming a freelancer. When i’m not running at the beach or squatting at the gym, you’ll find me reading a book or writing about health and fitness – the ultimate passions of mine. Enjoy 🙂

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