Hi there, I’m Tarzi! I am a qualified lawyer looking to move away from the legal profession and pursue my passions for health, fitness and personal growth.

When i’m not running at the beach or sitting hunched over in an office chair, you’ll find me reading a book or writing about health and fitness – the ultimate passions of mine. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise and Nutrition) and I’m keen to use what I learn to help others.

A little bit of background about my personality, I am a chronic people-pleaser with a propensity for negativity. I’ve always been interested in health, fitness and psychology but it wasn’t until very recently that I became self-aware about my true passions and purpose. I’ve spent the last year focussing heavily on my physical and mental development and feel as though i’m on my way to becoming the best version of myself. Here you will find a range of articles about fitness, health, development and anything in between.

Let’s build something together.

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